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"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value, rather it is one of those things which give value to survival."
- C.S. Lewis

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Living simply
rather than simply living

Our studio is tucked inside an 8x24' enclosed utility trailer that used to haul around someone's drag racer. But with a little insulation, some power, and a few shelves, it turned into a viable studio. It's parked next to our 1977 Airstream, which we live in full time. It isn't a lot but it's enough.


Pottery is important. It’s a mark of civilization and when a civilization disappears into history, it nearly always leaves its pottery behind as a witness. It’s something that all cultures have in common because, of course, people in every culture gather to share a meal.

If you walk along the unrestored sections of the Great Wall of China you’ll be walking over the shards of old bowls and bottles - not to mention the baked clay bricks that the wall was built from. Walk Petra or the Mayan jungles and you’ll find the same: pottery made by human hands hundreds or thousands of years before today’s potters were born. It’s a living tradition that you can still hold in your hands.

Form & Function

Our aim is to make pieces that are not only well designed from a functional perspective but also a joy to hold and pleasing to the eye. In short, when you pick it up, its weight should be appropriate to its size and when you pour yourself a cup of tea, the tea should flow easily into the cup rather than sputtering onto your sleeve.

Our Work

{More to come. But in the meantime, see our Shop for current inventory}

"The method by which a pot is formed determines its general character,...

whether hand modelled or built up out of coils or slices, or freely thrown on the wheel, or thrown in a mould, or cast entirely in a mould - each process conditions the interpretation of the original idea, and each has a limited range of right usage...

It is for this reason that the industrial practice of rigidly separating designer on paper from the maker in clay is responsible for much of the deadness of commercial pottery, for it is a waste of opportunity as well as a straining of technique to make moulded pots as like thrown pots as possible.

The beauty of each method lies in using that method honestly, for what it is worth, not in imitating other quite different processes."

- Bernard Leach

Find us online or in Colorado

You can find our latest catalog in our Etsy shop. On the other hand, if you prefer brick and mortar, you can visit one of the local Colorado shops that have partnered with us or even look us up at a craft fair.